• Are you interested in starting an Adult or Tribal Drug Treatment Court in your community?
  • Would you like to refine your Drug Court’s procedures and policies by applying the latest research from the ever-growing Drug Court field?



Programs that trained team members in preparation for program implementation averaged a 55% greater reduction in recidivism. Carey, S.M., Mackin, J.R. and Finigan, M.W. (2012)

The Drug Court Planning Initiative (DCPI) is the official Drug Court planning project of the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). BJA contracts with the National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) to develop and implement the Adult Drug Court Planning Initiative, Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts Planning Initiative, and Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative curriculum.
These training programs are designed to educate an interdisciplinary team on how to effectively plan and implement one of the three Drug Court models (adult, tribal, and veterans). The trainings cover Drug Court theory and how to apply it within a program and are based on 20 years of research on adult Drug Courts.


  • Educating teams about the basic components of these courts
  • Providing teams with the skills necessary for successfully making the shift from standard case processing to adult, veterans, or tribal court case processing
  • Working with teams to build their program to integrate court and treatment functions

A team of NDCI staff and a cadre of treatment court practitioners will work with planning teams to develop program-specific policy and procedure manual. Each interactive DCPI training session has been designed to familiarize participants with the building blocks for adult, tribal, or veterans courts.

Who Should Attend?
Participating jurisdictions will identify a team of professionals to participate in distance-based technical assistance and attend one 5-day, regional training event. All members of a planning team, including the judge, coordinator, prosecutor, defense counsel, treatment provider, community supervision representative, law enforcement officer, and evaluator, must be able to attend a 5-day training program to qualify for DCPI. See each specific training for more detailed information.